10 things to do on Labour Day weekend in and around Edmonton

Fit tons of fun into just three days, thanks to NAIT grads and staff

Even with the recent switch from long days and roadtrips to early mornings and routines, we needn't give up on summer just yet. We still have Labour Day weekend, after all – three straight days to appreciate all the season has to offer.

What to do with this gift of time? Once again, we turn to our grads and staff for ideas for packing the days with memory-making activities. From unique ways to relax, to fun projects, to getting out and about in Alberta, there's something for everyone – 10 things, to be precise.

Have fun and stay safe!

1. Take a day trip


There's more to see than mountains in Alberta. Check out these five suggestions from author Joan Marie Galat (Biological Sciences '84) for trips that take in pieces of the province without taking up more than a day.

2. Make hot sauce

Your garden peppers are just hot sauce waiting to happen! Here, a techlifetoday writer churns out a batch with the help of local chef Roger Letourneau (Cook ’10) – and from some fungi and bacteria. You can too!

3. Plant a tree


Late summer and fall are great times to plant. And there's no shortage of deals at local garden centres that will pay off big when you have the prettiest yard on the block come spring. Here's advice from Kerri Buksa (Landscape Architectural Technology '10) on how to make sure those new additions take root.

4. Sample some craft beer


Like wine, beer comes in many flavours. Who knew? As it turns out, many of our grads did, and now they're involved in making it in all its glorious varieties. Visit their breweries to find out what it's all about by sitting down for a sample or two.

5. Go for a bike ride

OK, so no one is going to go for a ride like Kelsey Mitchell (Instrumentation Engineering Technology ’16, Personal Fitness Trainer ’17), Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycling gold medalist. But let the story of her success inspire you, then hit the open road with the happy thought that you get to enjoy it at whatever pace you choose.

6. Try a new zucchini recipe

Olesia Shadrina/istockphoto.com

Zucchini is the plant that just keeps giving – perhaps long after many gardners wish it wouldn't. What do you do with this often underappreciated bounty? Chef Karl MacKinnon (Cooking ’14) and baker Amy Mancor (Baking '08) have seven simple ideas for you to try.

7. Go camping


Well of course you're going camping! Why would we even include that as an idea? Because we think we can make your trip even better, thanks to this incredibly comprehensive packing list from instructor John Caldwell (Forest Technology ’94). You'll never have to hurriedly sharpen a hot dog roasting stick again.

8. Visit a patio with your dog


Edmonton patios have gone to the dogs – in a good way if you have a pet. Here's a list of pooch-friendly patios, where NAIT grads are owners, cooks or both.

9. Find some new favourite music

Angeline Tetteh-Wayoe (Radio and Television - Radio ’00) has made history by hosting Canada's first radio show dedicated to Black music, The Block. That's music to the ears of anyone wanting to discover some new tunes over the weekend. Episodes are online

10. Barbecue like a pro


We know – you live in Canada, so you barbecue all year long. But what says summer like standing by the grill in your sandals, cool drink in one hand, spatula in the other? Besides, you can use this last long weekend to refine your techniques with a few new tricks and tips from our Professional Meat Cutting and Merchandising staff, and truly enjoy the flavours of our favourite season.

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