Curious President Podcast Ep. 2: How NAIT is measuring microplastics in the North Saskatchewan River

A NAIT research team’s quest to measure microplastic waste in Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River

nait president and ceo laura jo gunter helps with measuring microplastics in Edmonton's north saskatchewan river

Plastic waste is everywhere – it's a serious issue that affects us all and we need to learn more about it. That's why NAIT researcher Paolo Mussone and his team are scouring the North Saskatchewan River for microplastics, particles less than five millimetres long. They hope to find a way to measure microplastic levels in freshwater that could also be used in other places.

The project is part of Plastic Research In Action, a $10-million applied research agreement with Inter Pipeline. Learn all about it in Ep. 2 of The Curious President.

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