Government, industry and partner funding initiatives for NAIT programs

Quality of polytechnic education recognized with new sources of support

Whether for novel programs and initiatives or for its time-tested, hands-on education, NAIT continues to attract new funding from partners including government, industry and donors.

Here, we've gathered some of the biggest announcements of support for student scholarships, bursaries and program funding. Check back! We'll continue to add to it as news emerges.

Boosting partnerships and technology to preserve boreal ecosystems

jean-marie sobze, researcher at NAIT's Boreal Research Institute, tending some plants

In May 2023, NAIT’s Centre for Boreal Research received $696,404 from Canada Foundation for Innovation’s College Fund for equipment and infrastructure. Enhancements will help the centre better support northern Alberta companies and their partners, including First Nations communities, to develop and implement effective and cost-efficient reclamation strategies to reach climate change goals and maintain the boreal ecosystem. 

Specifically, the federal investment will bolster the centre’s research in plant and seed technologies, reforestation, and peatland and wetland restoration, as well as expand space for experiment preparation and capacity to deliver technical training.

NAIT to help reduce plastic waste in Alberta's beekeeping industry

beekeeper holding foundation with bees flying around

April, 2023 – The Agriculture Funding Consortium has committed $182,793 to a NAIT Applied Research project that aims to see less plastic discarded during honey production. Commercial beehives contain plastic sheets known as foundation, upon which bees build comb. Currently, those are hard to recycle, leading to waste.

Over the next two years, researchers at the ploytechnic will work with the Alberta Beekeepers Commission to develop a prototype for more easily recyclable foundation, keeping plastic in the circular economy longer (that is, in use and out of landfills) in a province that produces more honey than any other region in Canada.

Homebuilder Jay Westman leads initiative to boost support for trades education

Oct. 18, 2022 – Homebuilder Jay Westman believes the current affordable housing shortage can be addressed by boosting the number of apprentices. That’s where his campaign to raise $15 million to support trades education at NAIT and SAIT comes in. Here’s a look at the impact that funding will have on students and Alberta.

NAIT set to help newcomers put skills to work in building trades careers

Oct. 4, 2022 – Newcomers to Canada often arrive with skills that can make significant contributions to building local economies. Often, those skills must first be validated. Supported by $1.5-million over three years from the Government of Alberta, NAIT's Accelerated Trade Entry program aims to help bridge the gap.

Provincial funding supports three new micro-credential programs at NAIT

Sept. 29, 2022 – NAIT’s micro-credentials programming has received a boost thanks to $650,000 over two years from the Government of Alberta announced to develop new micro-credential programs at NAIT to help learners upskill and reskill in three program areas: construction leadership and supervision, intellectual property and point-of-care ultrasound.

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