Articles by Scott Messenger

How to take a great headshot (and why it matters)

A first impression is made within a fraction of a second

What to do if you don’t have an emergency fund

Start saving – here’s how

How to pay off your mortgage sooner

Save thousands in interest payments

Networking tips for introverts

How to comfortably find valuable connections in the crowd

Bridging the digital divide: NAIT students take on Canada’s connectivity problem

Wireless Systems Engineering Technology project tackles poor connectivity in remote, rural and Indigenous communities

How to beat the winter blues

Blue Monday may not be the year's most depressing day, but it represents a genuine mental health challenge

The race to save Alberta's bats

A NAIT instructor's quest to conserve an unsung but vital species

What to know about air quality in Edmonton - and what to do when it's bad

There's more to consider than summer wildfire smoke

Does intermittent fasting work?

NAIT experts weigh in on trendy diet

Pain, gain and revelation: A novice tries online personal training

How the pandemic proved it's possible to turn isolation into self-improvement

8 things to do to reach your goals in 2023

A personal trainer’s advice applies to more than fitness

How to manage holiday season stress

Exercise. Eat. Escape

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