Subject: Commentary

Tackling burnout: How to deal with stress and safety in the workplace

NAIT instructor highlights prevention and mitigation strategies to build organizational resilience.

How scientists make plant-based foods taste and look more like meat

Researcher with NAIT's Centre for Culinary Innovation cuts through science of meatless meat

Commentary: From making wine to managing mine waste, clay is important for many industries

Researchers explain how clay measurement will be important for optimizing oil sands tailings management

Commentary: How scientists are restoring boreal peatlands to help keep carbon in the ground

Releasing stored carbon would double CO2 in the atmosphere

Commentary: How plants can help clean up oil sands tailings ponds

Tailings represent the largest liability for the oil sands

Commentary: The growing cost to clean up abandoned and orphaned wells

There may be more than 91,000 inactive wells and 2,992 orphan wells in Alberta

Commentary: Storms and wildfires can cut electricity, but microgrids help communities take control

Renewable electricity generation leads to energy independence