Curious President Podcast Ep. 6: Reclaiming land disturbed by oil sands tailings ponds

Can tailings ponds be transformed to support plant life? 

Dr. Heather Kaminsky and her team of applied researchers and students are at the forefront of helping industry solve one of the Alberta oil sands' most pressing challenges: what to do with tailings ponds.

In this episode of The Curious President, the last in the series, Kaminsky shows how they're working to transform these liquid tailings ponds into a sturdy, manageable environment that could support plant growth.

You can watch the episode on the YouTube link below, which includes a series of photos from a tour of Kaminsky's lab, or listen on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Curious President signing off

We'd once again like to thank everyone at NAIT Campus Radio for their help in making these episodes possible. And thank all of you for listening. We truly enjoyed sharing these stories and talking to people across campus who are making an impact in all kinds of ways.

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