Articles by NAIT staff

Tipi raising at NAIT Main Campus

A look at a traditional First Nations event

How to make a very tasty pumpkin pie filling

NAIT's renowned take on the popular seasonal treat

Food trends of the past 50 years

For NAIT's 50th anniversary, we look back on a half-century of cooking

The meaning of Ookpik

How NAIT got its mascot.

Massimo Capra visits NAIT as Hokanson Chef in Residence

The chef with the heart of a cook brings authentic Italian to Culinary Arts students

Grilled flat iron steak with garlic cream and brussels sprouts

A delicious dish from Massimo Capra

Recipe: Back bacon and brie sandwich by Drift food truck

Sweet, salty and savoury

How Drift helped launch Edmonton's food truck scene

Nevin and Kara Fenske take street food to the next level

Alberta's emerging artisanal cheese industry receives a boost from NAIT

Instructor Allan Roote shows the whey

Leadership tips from NAIT president Dr. Glenn Feltham

A personal credo serves double duty as a crash course in organizational management.

Dion Darling parts with the world of pro hockey

An NHL-draft pick transitions to the next phase of his career

Susur Lee visits NAIT as 2011 Hokanson Chef in Residence

Celebrated 'master' chef still believes he has much to learn

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