Articles by Scott Messenger

What you breathe when you’re exposed to unwanted vaping, cannabis and cigarettes

Each presents a different risk. All can be hazardous

Healthy ways to boost your energy levels

Before you pour that nth cup of coffee, read this

What it takes to train for WorldSkills

Auto body repair competitor Muhammad Afzal prepares for the “Olympics of the Trades”

Easy ways to enjoy a total-body workout outside

Skip the gym and follow Personal Fitness Trainer alum Amy Eversley's outdoor workout

How to avoid getting a virus on your cellphone

Strike a balance between convenience and caution

6 watering tips for successful container gardening

Bring colour and greenery to patios, decks and balconies

How to turn gardening inspiration into landscaping action

Transplant someone else’s great ideas into your yard

How to water your grass and plants in spring

The short answer: Well, that depends

The secrets to job-search success for new grads

Simple, effective tips from a pro recruiter

A tour of Edmonton’s first off-grid office

Building’s energy needs met by solar and natural gas alone

How I learned to be a healthier eater

Canada’s new food guide inspires an exploration of dietary shortcomings

Is Alberta ready for the electric vehicle?

Car culture shock comes to a fossil-fuelled province

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