The techlifetoday guide to running

Become a runner or a better one with advice from our experts

Running may be the most basic form of exercise there is. Apart from decent shoes, there's really nothing else it requires: no team, no equipment or fancy gear, no arena or field. It's just one step in front of the other, anywhere, as fast or slow as you like.

That doesn't mean there aren't ways to get good at it, and to do that safely. Over the years, we've talked to NAIT fitness experts and alumni about their approach to the sport. Here we offer advice on everything from running's most elemental aspects to how to transform yourself into a lean, mean marathon machine.

Happy trails.

brendan lunty wins 2016 edmonton marathon

What it takes to win a marathon 

Advice from the finish line from Brendan Lunty (Combined Lab and X-ray Technology ’04), winner of the 2016 (and 2010) Edmonton Marathon.

Andrea von Engelhardt stretches after running

3 stretches to do after a run

Avid runner and NAIT personal fitness trainer Andrea von Engelhardt (Personal Fitness Trainer '12) demonstrates 3 post-run stretches to increase range of motion, circulation, and help prevent injury.

long-distance running

How to become a faster long-distance runner

Tips for formulating a basic training program, how to run more efficiently, and the importance of taking time off.

proper running posture

Proper running posture

Make the most of every stride by properly positioning your head, shoulders, hips and more.


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