Fun and useful Christmas gift ideas from NAIT grads and staff

There's something for everyone on your list!

No one would know what to do with a partridge in a pear tree. Feed it? Try to eat it? Shoo it away? This may be why, year after year, so many lists of 12 Christmas gift ideas appear as alternatives.

What makes ours special? First, this list is made up entirely of things and ideas from NAIT grads and staff, most of them from the Edmonton area. Second, that means it's local, and that just might mean a merrier Christmas for Alberta all around. And, third, every item is pretty cool and not hard to get. All of that's gotta check at least a few boxes on your shopping list.

Check back each day for a new idea (follow us on Twitter and Facebook for reminders). Consider it our gift to you. We know it's not five golden rings and all, but we do what we can to show we care.

Happy holidays from the team at


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