How to make the most of NAIT’s first-ever virtual Open House

More than 20 booths, presentations, chat rooms and a self-guided virtual campus tour

For the first time ever, prospective students wanting to learn more about NAIT programs will be able to attend its Open House without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

To limit on-campus activity and adhere to provincial gathering size and physical distancing guidelines, the traditionally in-person event will be held virtually on Oct. 16 and 17. It will be an interactive experience open to anyone with a smartphone or desktop, all around the world.

And there will be a lot to take in, including more than 20 virtual booths, virtual presentations, chat rooms with NAIT experts, and a self-guided virtual campus tour. It’s all free for those who register.

To help visitors make the most of the event and get started on their educational journey at NAIT, we spoke to Angela Finlayson, a student recruitment manager and part of the team behind organizing this unique approach to one of NAIT’s most important events of the year.

Plan what you want to seeplan for NAIT open house

If you’re not sure about what you’d like to study, “The NAIT Find Your Future quiz is a great starting place,” says Finlayson. “The quiz is a fun and interactive way to begin thinking about your future goals and find a career suited to your interests and skills.”

After that, make a plan for the booths you’d like to visit by looking into the programs offered by NAIT’s four schools: the School of Skilled Trades, School of Health and Life Sciences, School of Applied Science and Technology, JR Shaw School of Business.

The virtual booths will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Many programs have created videos that offer an overview, explain what students will learn, whether through class work or labs, equipment and software requirements, timelines and possible career outcomes.

As well, each booth will have experts on hand for virtual chats and voice and video calls.

“Just like an in-person open house, our experts are ready to take your questions, so don’t hesitate to ask,” says Finlayson.

open house scheduleDon’t miss the presentations

Scheduled presentations will happen throughout Open House, covering topics such as student funding opportunities, why NAIT is a good fit, and information specifically for international students dropping in from abroad.

Ask-a-Student sessions with campus ambassadors will also be held, and offer a window onto student life.

“The campus ambassadors offer the unique perspective that only fellow students can provide,” says Finlayson.

Check out campusopen house tour

“The virtual tour is the next best thing to [physically] exploring Main Campus,” says Finlayson.

Explore it with a self-guided virtual tour.

Complete with videos, tips from student ambassadors, 360-degree views of buildings, rooms and service centres, the tour immerses users in the NAIT environment.

open house follow upFollow up

Finlayson adds that many of the programs will also have take-away materials, such as the program videos and resource materials, that you’ll be able to add to a virtual “swag bag” and access for up to 30 days after Open House.

Finlayson sees this as a great way to help prospective students take their next steps.

“Making decisions about your education is a big moment in everyone’s life,” she says.

“By taking advantage of the unique perks that come with virtual Open House, you’ll be able to arm yourself with the information needed to understand how NAIT can help you reach your education and career goals.”

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