11 pandemic-friendly things to do in and around Edmonton during May long weekend

Ideas inspired by the NAIT community

There's a switch that flips inside every Canadian when the calendar approaches the Victoria Day long weekend. Some base biological instinct draws us outdoors after months of extreme windchills and spring slush. 

This call of the wild has only strengthened after weeks of restrictions and isolation. We still can't enjoy some of the activities we love on May Long, but don't let a pandemic stop you from enjoying yourself – while observing public health directives, of course. Here are a few ideas for a healthy dose of fun. 

1. Get away from it all. But be respectful about it.

tent in the backcountry

Interest in camping, including on public land, has skyrocketted during the pandemic for obvious reasons. Here's how to do it while respecting nature – and your fellow campers.

2. Order a great meal

Illustration of takeout options

Skip cooking and enjoy a great meal for the family from one of the dozens of Edmonton eateries still serving through takeout and curbside pickup. Not only are you supporting local, you're boosting businesses connected to NAIT culinary grads.

3. Make a bird feeder

bird feeder

It's the family craft project that's a double winner! Not only do you get to spend quality time as a family building a bird feeder, you can also reap the benefits and enjoy birdwatching together! 

4. Enjoy a nature walk

Big Lake at sunset at the BLESS platform in St. Albert

Leave the stress of the city behind without having to stray too far from the city! Just keep a distance from other passersby.

5. Plant tomatoes in your garden

tomatoes garden

Tomatoes are a culinary Swiss Army knife, with each variety its own tasty tool for your kitchen table. 

5. Go day tripping!

rural highway

Find inspiration in Alberta scenery and history with five day trips from the Edmonton region. 

6. Break out the board games

family enjoying board games

What says quality time better than a board game during a pandemic? Enjoy these recomendations from the folks at Board N Brew.

7. Make your own sourdough starter

Who isn't making their own bread these days? Yeast is still hard to find on grocery store shelves, but you don't need it if you've got a sourdough starter. NAIT's Baking program chair shares his go-to recipe.

8. Turn your garden into a bee paradise

Bee gathers pollen

A few tweaks to your garden’s design and blooming schedule can provide habitat for bees, which need our help now more than ever.

9. Cook a great meal with your kids

cooking with kids

Getting your kids cooking at an early age is a sure-fire recipe for healthy eating habits later in life. 

10. Admire urban wildife – from a distance

geese in the city

Canada geese have returned home to roost, often in local parks, backyards, patios and places you'd least expect. Learn how to live with and appreciate this oft cranky, yet beautiful protected species.

11. May is made for mojitos

marvellous mojito recipes

After all this self-isolation, you deserve to kick back and relax with a refreshment. Refreshing describes these marvellous mojito recipes created by the maître d’ at Ernest’s.

Banner image: Ferenc Cegledi/iStockphoto.com

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