Back to school 2022: A guide for NAIT students

Study hard, be supported, stay healthy

A few thousand students will decend on NAIT campuses this fall with plans as big as their dreams.

If you're one of them, this package is for you: The techlifetoday guide to student wellness and academic success. It's a roundup of new and updated stories, each with links to useful student supports, that we hope will help you through what are likely to be among the best years of your life.

The students' guide to wellness

Check out the full guide for stories on

  • staying positive
  • dealing with COVID-caused anxiety
  • feeling like you belong (and helping others to feel the same)
  • dealing with debt
  • how to sleep better
  • easing digital eye strain
  • the value of occasional canine counselling

The students' guide to academic success 

Check out the full guide for stories on

  • advice from grads now enjoying their careers
  • how to manage time
  • how to write a great scholarship or bursary application
  • improve your grammar and writing
  • break your procrastination habit
  • and more!

From the team at techlifetoday, have a great year!

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