Back to school 2022: The techlifetoday students' guide to academic success

Stay organized, stick with it and  seek out support

Your grades do not define you, but good ones will demonstrate to yourself and others that you know your stuff. Taking care of yourself – the subject of our student wellness guide – will help. So will seeking out support as needed, staying organized and just getting down to work.

This guide to academic success covers all that and more! Here's how to make the stuff you learn truly your own – gold-star tips and tricks for giving it your all throughout your time at NAIT.

First, some great advice

Take it from those who've done what you're doing. They had a dream, did the work and made a lot of friends along the way. Check out this advice from 10 NAIT grads from a variety of programs who have one thing in common: They parlayed their polytechnic experience into amazing careers.

Don't lose track of time

Where do the hours go? If you want to make the most of them, you should probably find out. To do so, check out these five tips from NAIT's Learning Services and, for parents who've decided to head back to school, these six.

Get a scholarship or bursary

There is $6 million in student financial aid up for grabs each year at NAIT, in the form of some 4,000 scholarships and bursaries. We wish we could say, "All you have to do is apply!" What you need to do is apply well. But that's not so hard, if you follow these tips from a scholarship administrator and a successful recipient.

Up your grammar game

Hows you're righting? Hopefully better then this! Since you'll probably be writing a few essays during your time at NAIT, work on avoiding these four common mistakes, as identified by an expert from NAIT's Learning Services.

It's time to stop putting things off

Why do something today that you can do tomorrow? Because you might think the same thing then, and then the day after, and the day after that. There are ways to get on with it – be it a project, studying or applying for a scholarship or bursary (see above!). It all starts with some self-reflection. Try these tips right now.

Put it all together

Academic success is not going to be the result of any one thing. As this story explains, it involves being organized, committed and maybe a couple of apps. Check out this holistic approach to having an excellent term at NAIT. We offer our congratulations in advance.

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