10 things to do in and around Edmonton on May long weekend

Eat, walk, cook, garden, camp, eat again! Great ideas for three great days

It's the unofficial start of summer! Whoo!

We may not be starved for sunshine in Alberta, but the days when it's coupled with T-shirt temperatures are precious. To make the most of them, we've gathered 10 ideas inspired by NAIT grads. Whether you're looking to get away, make the most of the city, or are happy to be at home, they've got you covered.

Happy May Long!

1. Go on a bakery crawl


Is there such a thing as cake pants? Something comfortable and expandable? Because you're going to need them. Check out our interactive map of Edmonton bakeries, featuring doughnuts, croissants and other breads, and cake (of course), made by grads from Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry Arts and more.

2. Go camping

tent in the back country

Of course you're going camping! Who needs to be told to do that? But allow us to offer this list of helpful tips from experts from Forest Technology and other programs to make that camping trip your best yet. Who says you can't improve upon nature? (Or at least upon how we enjoy it.)

3. Make yourself a cold brew coffee

A hot cuppa joe is that morning wake-up that a lot of us can't do without. But slow brewing it and serving over ice on a warm day will awaken your tastebuds to new possibilities in consuming caffeine. Check out this method and recipe from a Culinary Arts grad.

4. Take a hike

You don't need to make a three-hour drive to the mountains for a nice walk (you know, to burn off calories after the bakery tour). Here are a Biological Sciences Technology grad's recommendations for getting into nature not too far out of the city.

5. Sample locally made beer

But beer is already made here, you say? True! But in recent years, more is being made in small batches by locally owned businesses using the finest ingredients. Here's a list of spots where grads do the brewing or set the menu for some tasty pairings.

6. Plant a tree

When's the best time to plant a tree? May long weekend, no matter what you've heard. From a Landscape Architectural Technology grad, here's the best way to do it so that it lives to see many more long weekends to come.

7. Make your own hot sauce

Add a little zip to summer dining by getting started on your very own fermented hot sauce. Microbes do most of the work, but following this advice from a local Cook grad will help keep them happily on task. Hot stuff!

8. Plan a bee-friendly garden

Our food crops need bees, bees need pollen, so we need to help them! The added benefit, it turns out, is a beautiful summer palette of blossoms. Here are some tips from a Continuing Education instructor on simple landscape improvements for humans and bees alike.

9. Make the best burgers ever

There's a fine art to cooking and assembling this summer staple. After all, who wants bland beef on a soggy bun? You deserve more! Our expert from Culinary Arts has tips to make sure you get it.

10. Hit a patio

Or, just let a pro from our patio guide make that burger for you – or nachos, or tacos, or salad, you name it. Nothing says summer quite like doing pretty much nothing but enjoying a great meal made by a NAIT grad, soaking up the sunshine, and watching the day slowly go by.

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