15 things to do in and around Edmonton on Family Day weekend

Ideas inspired by the NAIT community

Looking for ways to spend the extra free time on Family Day weekend? NAIT grads and staff are here to help.

You can get moving outdoors, explore the local food community, hunker down with indoor activities and much more. Or, as you'll see in idea #1, much less. Enjoy!

1. Get some sleep

Along with time and money, sleep tends to be in short supply. Make the most of the extra day by squeezing in a full 40 winks. Here are tips on how best to do it, from the staff at NAIT Counselling.

2. Be the early worm that catches the bird

With more than 400 species of birds in Alberta, chances are good that you'll see more than magpies with just a little effort. Getting up early is one way, but there are plenty of others, according to the grad and co-owner of a local birding shop.

3. Try some real sourdough

Not all sourdough is created equal. While some are soured with flavourings, other loaves are the real deal, gaining their tangy flavour from natural fermentation. One place to have a taste is Freson, where staff from NAIT's Baking and Pastry Arts program helped kickstart a chain-wide "mother-dough" program. Try it – it'll be a slice.

4. Make your own hot sauce

While we're on the topic of fermentation, consider spicing up the long weekend with a DIY hot sauce session. Bringing a little homemade zip to your kitchen is easy with these steps from Culinary Arts grad. 

5. Relax. Have a cold brew, Part 1

Coffee is as uniquly delicious cold as it is hot. The chilled version is also easy to make. From another Culinary Arts grad, here's the method, along with a few pro tips.

6. Dream about the great outdoors

Soon enough, you'll have abandoned your homes for RVs and tents and the backcountry. We have experts who have convinced us that this can be just as comfortable. With these tips, they'll convice you too (or add to what you know). Try them on your next adventure.

7. Grill a great steak indoors

While you salivate at the thought of grilling a steak on that next camping trip, perfect your stovetop technique in the comfort of your own home. Watch as our expert shows you how it's done.

8. For the kids' sake, don't overthink it

Sometimes, parenting advice is simple. Take it from Radio and Television grad Yukon Jack, host at 100.3 The Bear, dad of two boys and offerer of ideas for being as present as possible. And for being silly. That's important too.

9. Get your romas started

Have you seen the price of tomatoes? And have you seen the price of tomato seeds? See where we're going with this? Get a jump on the gardening season to grow a bounty that will save you a bundle. It's easier than you might think (and kids love getting their hands dirty!). To get you started, here are tips from NAIT's resident tomato expert.

10. See the city through pastry

Quite possibly, you like cake. Or cookies. Or doughnuts. Or fancy stuff like macarons. Also quite possibly, you know other people who do too. Maybe those people are in your own family! Whoever they may be, round them up and take our tour of the city by way of its bakeries.  

11. Don't panic – make bannock

Alternatively, do the baking yourself, trying out a recipe from the staff at NAIT's Nîsôhkamâtotân Centre. It's easy and it's tasty! Here's what you need and how to do it.

12. Float your cares away

Get away from it all without really going anywhere at all with float therapy. Pay a visit to Modern Gravity (owned by Matt SmithPersonal Fitness Trainer ’11, and Jamie PhillipsMillwright ’12) for an utterly refreshing session of buoyant salt-water serenity.

13. Relax. Have a cold brew, Part 2

Chances are good you might toast the weekend with a beer. Why not do it with one lovingly made in small batches by local entrepreneurs? Check out our guide to Edmonton craft beer made by NAIT grads (or served with food made by them). 

13. Think about bees

We think this idea is the bee's "needs." Groan if you must, but now is a great time to start planning a flower garden that will attract and support our bees, essential polinators whose populations are in decline. Here are tips from an instructor in NAIT's Beekeeping course.

15. Don't cook

What's for dinner? Lunch? Brunch? Breakfast? Check out a menu instead of your pantry shelves. We've updated our list of restaurants owned or updated by grads. Get ready to relax, support a local business, taste something amazing and, maybe most importantly, spend some quality time with friends and family while you do that.

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