Program Previews: 8 favourite student hangouts at NAIT

Events run Feb. 28, March 9 and March 16

“What do I want to be?” is a complicated question with no simple answer. It takes a lot of research, introspection and time.

But no one needs to try to address it alone. There’s help. Maybe the answer comes from an inspiring story about someone else’s success. Or it’s advice from a friend or relative. Or it’s an event, like NAIT’s Program Previews.

Each year, instructors and staff gather to show prospective students what they might expect of enrolling at the polytechnic. In the weeks to come, sessions will be held by the

  • School of Applied Sciences and Technology (sign up for Wednesday, Feb. 28, 5:30 - 8 p.m.)
  • School of Health and Life Sciences (sign up for Saturday, March 9, 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.)
  • School of Skilled Trades (sign up for Saturday, March 16, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.)

Curious about how to turn your interests and passions into a career? Try NAIT’s Find your Future quiz

For those trying to zero in on their career to come, Program Previews are a great way to get the information you need to start to answer that big question.

But another big question, perhaps just as important, is “Where do I want to be?”

An instructor might enthusiastically respond, “NAIT!” But what would a student say? When not in classrooms, shops and labs, where do they want to spend their time on campus? We asked, and a few of them responded to help us make this map.

Consider it a relaxer’s guide to campus, if you like. Or, maybe, it’s one more of the signposts showing life’s way forward.

Athletics and Recreation office (E131)

athletics and recreation office at NAITOne of Antonio Benjamin's favourite features of this space are the comfy couches where he likes to nap.

"I take my naps very seriously, especially during the season," says the Ooks basketball player and School of Applied Sciences and Technology student.

But the space is open to other students as well. Every Wednesday, he points out, there's an Esports drop-in. Check it out from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Courtyards (O Wing)

flowers in a courtyard at NAIT main campus in the summer, with spruce trees in the background

At the heart of the original Main Campus are a series of green spaces where students can get a breath of fresh air in warmer months.

"The trees are really beautiful in the fall and I like watching the magpies hop around," says Alleah Boisvert, JR Shaw School of Business Marketing student.

Feltham Centre lounge

student lounge beside starbucks on main floor of Feltham CentreFind this spot next to the Starbucks on the main floor of the Feltham Centre (aka CAT Building).

"It's open and bright, and the perfect meet-up spot to chat over a coffee," says Alleah Boisvert, JR School of Business Marketing student.

Fitness Centre (S006)

climbers on a wall at the nait fitness centre

Hospitality Management student Matthew van Erp visits the fitness facilities for the equipment his home outfit lacks.

"The CrossFit area is my favourite but nothing beats being in the +30 C dry sauna in Edmonton's -30 winters," says van Erp.

The NAITrium (J104)

naitrium student lounge at nait, with tables and chairs, natural light and leafless fig treesAustin Cartagena, a student researcher with NAIT's Clean Technologies team, loves to spend spare time in the NAITrium.

"I particularly enjoy the large amount natural light [for] studying," says Cartegena. "The NAITrium provides an excellent retreat for students to relax, focus, socialize and rest."

This centrally located space is furnished with a variety of chairs, tables, loungers and microwaves.

The Nest (S110)

students eating and talking at the nest, nait's campus bar and restaurant

"One of my favourite places is the Nest," says Tyleen Saison, Information and Communications Technology student.

"[The restaurant] has always been a welcoming place for me on campus. I go there to hang out with friends, get a meal or a drink, and even study there. I like the atmosphere, and the food is great!"

Nîsôhkamâtotân Centre (E121)

students at NAIT's Nisohkamatotan Centre

"My journey at NAIT's Nîsôhkamâtotân Centre has been transformative," says Chemical Technology student Tiffany Marten of this gathering place for Aboriginal and non-aboriginal students.

"My experience ... highlights the importance of finding support and community, especially for Indigenous students navigating academia. Laughter and tears were shared, fostering my spiritual and emotional healing and significant personal growth. I felt safe, seen and accepted."

Ooks athletics events

kaitlyn slator in net for nait women's ooks hockey team

"I’m a hockey guy!" says Gerard Hayes, vice-president students and campus life. "The best place at NAIT for me is the arena watching our Ooks play."

Students can catch the Ooks in action in a variety of sports for free throughout the academic year.

Check out the Ooks 2023-24 schedule

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