Articles by Marta Gold

Amanda Cohen reveals the secrets of cooking with vegetables

The 2017 Hokanson Chef in Residence encourages students to treat their greens with respect

5 fun facts about Amanda Cohen

Meet NAIT's 2017 Hokanson Chef in Residence

Vikram Vij brings food with flair to NAIT as the 2016 Hokanson Chef in Residence

The colourful restaurateur knows success lies in spicing up the modern dining experience

NAIT bakers compete in the 2016 Bakery World Cup in Paris

A once-in-a-lifetime culinary event

Michael Stadtlander, Canada's father of farm-to-fork cuisine, brings his food philosophy to NAIT

The Ontario chef leads students back to the land.

Rebecca Grant's Violet Chocolate Co. takes its place among the world's best chocolatiers

A flair for unusual flavours is earning the alum international acclaim.

Lynn Crawford visits NAIT as 2014 Hokanson Chef in Residence

The Ruby Watchco owner reveals the reality of being a celebrity chef

Alberta's emerging artisanal cheese industry receives a boost from NAIT

Instructor Allan Roote shows the whey

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