How to pair wine with candy

Top matches from instructor and sommelier Samantha Wall

Households across the province buzz every Halloween from little tykes overloaded on sugary snacks.

When the kids go to bed, it’s Mom and Dad’s turn to raid the sweet stash and enjoy a candy bar or two.

But what to wash it down with? Skip the soda and reach for a German riesling, advises Samantha Wall, a Culinary Arts instructor and certified sommelier. That’s right, candy and wine.

“There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a nice glass of wine with junk food. There’s no rules,” she says.

Wall shares four pairings guaranteed to elevate your Halloween snacks and please your palate. Learn how a German riesling accentuates the cherry flavour of a Starburst or how a classic pairing of tawny port and chocolate applies to a regular Kit Kat. Did you know a grenache-syrah-mourvedre (GSM) red brings out the zesty zing of Doritos? Or how the acid in a slightly fizzy muscat reins in the pucker of sour Skittles?

Watch how to pair wine with candy

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