NAIT’s Productivity and Innovation Centre earns LEED gold

Design, indoor air quality and water efficiency contribute to achievement

NAIT has struck gold once again – LEED gold, that is.

NAIT’s Productivity and Innovation Centre (PIC) achieved gold level certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, which serves as the international yardstick for measuring sustainable and environmentally conscious building design and construction in more than 160 countries.

PIC’s high scores in design, indoor environmental quality and water efficiency innovation led to NAIT’s second LEED gold certification, with the Feltham Centre achieving the same status in August 2016.

nait productivity and innovation centre atrium

Greg Topinka, director of capital projects, sees the achievement as particularly notable given the research-intensive nature of the facility. Opened in 2018, the 190,000-square-foot building serves as NAIT’s “front door” for industry, where companies come for product testing, training, applied research and more.

“With the focus on sustainable design and construction increasing, it takes more innovation to achieve the rating system requirements set out by LEED,” says Topinka. Ventilation needs in lab spaces make this “especially difficult,” he adds.

“We’re very proud to have built a sustainable space that meets the certification ranking system and reflects the innovative work that takes place within the Productivity and Innovation Centre.”

Here’s a look at the features that helped PIC earn LEED gold certification.

features that led to NAIT's productivity and innovation centre earning LEED gold status

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