12 things to do in and around Edmonton on Family Day

Ideas inspired by the NAIT community

Family Day is the perfect time to spend some quality time with the kids or kin. Thanks to creative, clever, innovative and industrious NAIT grads and staff, we have a lot of ideas to share for a fabulous long weekend. Have fun!

1. Make a bird feeder

bird feeder

It's the family craft project that's a double winner! Not only do you get to spend quality time as a family building a bird feeder, you can also reap the benefits and enjoy birdwatching together! 

2. Enjoy a nature walk

winter walk

Leave the stress of the city behind without having to stray too far from the city!

3. Love winter and blacksmithing at Edmonton's Silver Skate Festival

Is there a better way to enjoy winter as a family than Edmonton's renowned Silver Skate Festival, which turns 30 this year? Not only is the festival packed with traditional activities like skating and sleigh rides, you can learn about traditional skills like blacksmithing from NAIT instructor Shawn Cunningham of Front Step Forge! 

4. Ride the funicular on your way into the river valley!

Edmonton's funicular

Part escalator, part elevator total fun. That's Edmonton's award-winning funicular! Go check it out on your way to the North Saskatchewan River valley.

5. DJ your own dance party!

record player

Drop the needle – and get your family grooving! 5 tips for building a great record collection.

6. Enjoy a great meal

nait guide to food and drink

Skip cooking and enjoy a night out as a family at one of the dozens of Edmonton eateries with connections to NAIT culinary grads.

7. Break out the board games

family enjoying board games

What says quality time better than a board game? Enjoy these recomendations from the folks at Board N Brew.

8. Try an escape room?

Ready to find out if your family can work together as a team? An escape room like Escape City will put those familiar bonds to the test!

9. Cook a great meal with your kids

cooking with kids

Getting your kids cooking at an early age is a sure-fire recipe for healthy eating habits later in life. 

10. Eat doughtnuts as a family made by a family

making fancy doughnuts

Who doesn't love a doughnut, especially the gourmet variety made by a father-daughter team who are NAIT alumni. 

11. Apply for post-secondary

parent helping child

OK, this looks self-serving but now is the time when students across Alberta are planning their future careers. A NAIT career adviser offers eight ways parents can help.

12. Get outta town!

travel research

If you're sick of winter (who isn't?) and want to leave for warmer climes, follow these travel tips from an education abroad adviser.

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