Articles by Shelly Decker

How to keep your dog safe on hot days

Help your furry friend beat the heat

How to survive being lost in the wilderness

Tips we hope you never need (but might save your life)

How DiversiFit removes barriers to fitness for those affected by autism

A mother's epiphany leads to a unique, inclusive program

The ultimate car-camping packing list

Enjoy the great outdoors in comfort

How diversity makes a difference in the workplace

JR Shaw School of Business dean Tracey Scarlett on the persisting need for inclusivity and equality

How to hold an effective meeting

Meetings are meant to produce results. Here's how to ensure they do.

Meet Tracey Scarlett, dean of the JR Shaw School of Business

The NAIT alumna returns to lead one of Canada's biggest business schools.

Halal food on offer at NAIT

Inclusivity hits the menu at the polytechnic.

How to improve your memory

Simple strategies to help you stop forgetting things.

A savoury salmon recipe for World Chocolate Day

It's time to think outside the chocolate box.

Memoirist Rob Kaye reflects on 3 decades as a park warden

A career spent protecting Canada's wilderness - and a reminder that work must continue.

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